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Save the Dates! 

Auditions for the Wilbraham United Players 2023-2024 season are as follows:

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

By appointment

November 19 at 2PM

November 20 at 7PM

Callbacks/Dance audition

November 21 at 7PM

Those auditioning should schedule an appointment for the vocal audition on either Sunday November 19 or Monday November 20th. To schedule an appointment please email Provide the date you wish to audition and a relative time-frame. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Bring Sheet Music, a completed audition form, your resume and head shot (selfie is fine)

You should prepare 16 bars of music showing your range and vocal ability for expressiveness in the style of the show. An accompanist is provided. You must bring sheet music. No recorded accompaniment tracks please!

In addition you should prepare one of the following monologues of your choice (does not need to be memorized).  [Download file here}

Auditioners should be prepared to attend the Callback night on Tuesday if requested November 21 for the dance audition and for additional cold readings from the script which will be provided in advance.

Please dress appropriately for movement that night.

If you are not able to attend any of the scheduled audition dates please email the director at and we will attempt to make reasonable arrangements.

Show description:

This is a musical version of the last book written by Charles Dickens, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It is acted out by the Music Hall Royale theatre troupe.  It is a play within a play and every night the ending is decided by audience vote.  Needless to say, the ensemble interacts heavily with the audience throughout the course of the show.

This unique way of telling this tale was conceived and written by Rupert Holmes.  The Mystery of Edwin Drood won several awards including five Tony Awards for musical, book, score, director and actor.

The characters:

Mr. William Cartwright — Chairman of the Music Hall Royale; doubles as Mayor Thomas Sapsea – Male, Age 40 and up, Baritone, (D#3-F#4) – Our host for the evening. He has a quick wit and his dialogue keeps the show moving.  His accent must clear and crisp as he spends much of his time narrating the story for the audience.

John Jasper — doubles as Mr. Clive Paget – Male, Age 35 to 50, Bari-tenor, (A2-A4) Wrongly accused.  He is Rosa Bud’s vocal teacher.  His calm cool exterior hides the fact that he is mad with love for Rosa Bud, despite the fact that she is promised to his nephew, Edwin Drood.

Neville Landless — doubles as Mr. Victor Grinstead – Male, Age 20 to 40, Bari-tenor, (C3-G4) – A suspect.  A stranger from Ceylon, (an Island south of India, now known as Sri Lanka). He is new to Cloisterham and he is taken with Rosa Bud.  He has a questionable past.  Neville must be able to switch from his English accent when he is Victor to his somewhat ignorant interpretation of an East Asian accent when he is playing Neville.  As described in the script,  both Neville and Helena should have an accent with an Eastern feel comprised of Oriental clichés and is “somewhat geographically untraceable.”

Reverend Chrisparkle — doubles as Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe – Male, Age 40 to 60, Baritone, (C3 – G4).  A suspect.  Local clergyman who was once in love with Rosa Bud’s mother.  At first, he seems reverent and yet sometimes he borders on just a little creepy.

Bazzard — doubles as Mr. Phillip Bax and as Waiter – Male, Age 30 to 50, Bari-tenor, (A2 – Eb4, option G4 or Bb4) – A suspect.  Music Hall Royale’s lovable understudy.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Durdles — doubles as Mr.Nick Cricker – Male, Age 30 to 50, Tenor, (B2 – F4).  He is the local drunk and cemetery caretaker.

Deputy — doubles as Master Nick Cricker  – Male, Age 13 to 18. Durdle’s sidekick a street-wise boy learning about life through Durdles’ eyes.

Rosa Bud — doubles as Miss Deirdre Peregrine – Female, Age 18 to 30, High Soprano, (A3-B5) – A suspect.  Our heroine….a sweet flower….light and airy…or is she?

Edwin Drood — doubles as Miss Alice Nutting – Female, Age 20 to 40, Mezzo (B3-E5) – The victim.  Edwin is played by Ms. Alice Nutting, London’s leading male impersonator.  Drood is Jasper’s nephew.  He is also Rosa Bud’s intended.  Drood must command the stage with equal parts of youthful exuberance, ego and charm.

Helena Landless — doubles as Miss Janet Conover  – Female, Age 20 to 35, Mezzo, (G3 – D5/E5) A suspect.  Neville’s sister, also from Ceylon, a newcomer with a mysterious past.  She becomes good friends with Rosa Bud.  Like Neville, Helena must be able to switch from her English accent of Janet Conover to her “somewhat geographically untraceable” interpretation of Helena’s accent.  In other words, it is the Music Hall Royale’s interpretation of what the accent should be based on their limited knowledge.

Princess Puffer — doubles as Miss Angela Prysock – Female, Age 40 to 55, Low Alto, (F3-D5).  A suspect.  Puffer is owner of the local opium den.  She is rough around the edges in all her glory.  She also has a previous history with Rosa Bud as her nanny.

Throttle – (Male or Female, Age 25 to 45) Music Hall Royale’s stage manager. A reliable sort, (s)he’s always at the ready to keep the show running smoothly.

Wendy — Female, any age (C4 – D5) Opium den dancer and citizen of Cloisterham; Sings Moonfall quartet with Rosa and Helena.

Beatrice — Female, any age (C4 – D5) Opium den dancer and citizen of Cloisterham; Sings Moonfall quartet with Rosa and Helena.

An Ensemble of citizen's of Cloisterham , dancers and other members of the company.

Please note, this is an ensemble cast.  Ages listed above are approximations.  Ages could be skewed depending on those auditioning.

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